Activation of Users

RingCentral Office®

Admin Guide

The Sales Agent checks the finished template to ensure that the customer's users are assigned to the area codes and Direct Lines or Extensions desired by the customer. The Sales Agent will also ensure that users with direct lines provide the required E911 address information.

Once the template is completed and checked, it is uploaded into the system for processing. The system generates a preview, with problem areas highlighted on the screen in red, and an Errors column spelling out the problem with any field that needs to be corrected.

Common errors include:

  • Missing required information
  • Bad email addresses (usually typos)
  • Using a postbox address where a street address is required Duplicate extensions.

The customer or the Agent downloads the file, corrects the problems, and re-uploads the file. (Don't edit out the Errors columns; that is handled automatically.)

Once the template has been processed and checked, and found to be correct, the Activation process begins.

The Sales Agent will enter one or more email addresses that will be notified when the processing is done.