Historical Reports

RingCentral Office®

Admin Guide

RingCentral Reports helps admins optimize the phone system by presenting usage analysis and trending metrics in an easy-to-read graphical format. You can create reports for most of the call activity in your company, such as, inbound and outbound call volume, total calls, details on missed or answered calls, average calls per day and time, and more.

  • The Summary report provides an at-a-glance, high-level usage overview of the entire phone system. Use the metrics to assess the volume of incoming and outgoing calls, or answered and missed calls, then review your business hours to ensure they’re consistent with caller patterns.
  • The Queue Activity report summarizes call queue activity and volume for historical activity. Review the ratio of calls answered vs missed, call wait times, and average talk time on a call, and fine-tune your call queue responses accordingly.
  • The User Activity report summarizes inbound and outbound call volume and usage for selected users over a selected date range. Compare call volume metrics with a user’s job performance or workload to understand how to optimize the calls for best results.
  • The Phone Number report summarizes the call activities of each purchased phone number over a selected date range, so you can understand which numbers receive the most calls, which numbers result in the highest placement results, and which calls are answered.
  • The Call Detail report (not available on mobile) provides call log information, including caller ID, destination, call duration, and call results, to allow you to understand and control the usage of the company’s phone system.