Manage User Groups*

RingCentral Office®

Admin Guide

A RingCentral User Group associates users based on organization hierarchy. A group is managed by a user group manager who accesses and modifies group members' settings and view their call logs. The account administrator controls who gets access to view or create user groups.

The account administrator creates multiple groups as required for your organization. A flat, non-nested group structure is supported. Users may belong to multiple groups. For example, for a director with two team managers (and their team members), you might create three user groups: one group for each of the team managers, and an overall group for the director that includes all reporting members.

When a user is assigned to be a user group manager, the user automatically inherits certain permissions. These permissions work in conjunction with the role assigned to the user in the Roles section of user administration. You must ensure that the primary role has the correct permissions so that user access is controlled when the user is given user group manager access. Other aspects of managing user groups include:

  • Assigning Users to User Groups: the Templates section in user management allows the account administrator to streamline the assignment of users to user groups. This assignment is performed in the User Groups option in Templates. See Templates.
  • Viewing and modifying User Settings: the User Settings sections, accessed from the User List in user management, allows the user group manager to view and modify the settings assigned to a member of their group, including the roles and user groups in the User Details section. See Templates.

    * This feature is available for Office Premium and Enterprise only.