Bulk Purchase of Users

RingCentral Office®

Admin Guide

Go to Settings > Phone System. Select Users, then select Add Users. The Account Status at the top of the panel shows your current Plan.

  • Click the button Add Users with Phones (or Add Users without phones). First enter the number of users who will be in a specific area code and assigned a specific model of phone.
  • Click Select State/Province and then the Area Code or City for the phone numbers for these users.
  • Click Select Phone. Review the phone devices listed, scrolling down to see all devices.
  • Click Select next to the phone type to be purchased for these users. Then, click Add Users to add them to the Your Selection list at the bottom of the page, which shows your order.

Repeat this process to add users in a different area code, or to add users with a different phone model: enter the number of users, select the state and area code or city, then select a model of telephone. Click Add Users each time.

As you build your order, your Selection shows the details at the bottom of the screen.

  • Now click the button Add Users without Phones.
  • Select a location (State/Province and Area Code/City).

Repeat this process until all the users, with or without phones, in various area codes, and assigned various phones, have been ordered.

  • Review the order in the Your Selection list for accuracy.

Your Selection also shows the running total of recurring or monthly charges for users and one-time charges for phone devices.

  • When ready, click Next. (If the city or area code you selected for a group of users doesn't have enough phone numbers available for this order, you will get a pop-up error message at this point.
  • Click Edit to select another city or area code.)

Contact your sales representative if you're having trouble.

On the Shipping page, check and, if necessary, update the account information displayed, including the shipping address if you ordered phones, and choose a shipping method.

For Ground delivery, please allow five to seven days.

‘Note: Each order can be delivered to only one address. To deliver phones to several addresses, enter separate orders for each address.

  • Click Next. On the Review and Submit screen you can review your total phone order and all costs including Taxes, Charges and Fees, and Shipping.
  • Click the Back arrow if you want to revise your order. If satisfied, click the Acknowledgment box at the bottom of the page, and then click Next.

An email confirmation of your order will be sent to the email address for your account.