Add a Direct Number

RingCentral Office®

Admin Guide

Before you begin

To add a direct number for an IVR menu:


  1. From the Admin Portal, select the Phone System tab.
  2. Click Auto-Receptionist.
  3. Click the IVR Menus tab.
  4. Click an existing IVR Menu.
  5. Click Direct Numbers.
  6. Click Add Direct Number.
  7. Select one of the number types. Follow these instructions for the type of number you choose:
    1. Local (Domestic): Select the button for Local (Domestic). Provide the State/Province and Area Code and Select Number.
    2. Toll-Free: Select the button for Toll-Free Number. Select a Toll-Free prefix and a number from the drop-down menu.
    3. Vanity: Select the button for Vanity. Choose a number that helps customers remember your business phone number. Enter the numbers or letters you wish to use and click Search to see if it is available.
    4. International: Select the button for international. Select the button next to Geographic Number or Toll-Free Number. Select the Country, call the phone number in the instructions to order an international number.
  8. Click Next when finished choosing your number. Proceed to the completion of your order.