Call Log Description

RingCentral Office®

Admin Guide

The Call Log provides reports on inbound and outbound calls and faxes for the company number and specified extensions. Select the time period, type of call (inbound or outbound), blocked calls, or recorded calls. You can have the call log delivered to an email address daily, weekly, or monthly on specified day.

In the Type column you will see icons for the following types of calls:

  • Inbound Call
  • Outbound Call
  • Missed Call

In the Recording column, you will see an icon if the call has been recorded. Hover over the icon to listen to the recording.

Administrators can enable the bad call quality indicator in the RingCentral Admin Portal for an account. By default, the feature is disabled. If this feature is enabled, and you were not satisfied with the call quality of a connected call, you can mark the thumbs down icon in the Quality column in your Call Log.

  • Click to mark as a bad call
  • Marked as a bad call