Create a Template for User Settings

RingCentral Office®

Admin Guide


  1. From the Admin Portal, click the Users tab.
  2. Click Templates. You’ll see a list of existing templates, or none until you create your first one.
  3. Click Add Template.
  4. Enter a Template Name.
  5. Click Save.

    *Not available for one-line accounts.

  6. Click the name of a template.
  7. You will see the options you can set for this template in the right panel (Sales in this example). For each setting, you have the ability to allow the template settings to override each user’s settings. Slide the tab to the right to allow the override. The icon will be blue with a white vertical line when the override is allowed.
    1. Template Info: Edit the name of your template and see the last time it was modified and when it was created.
    2. Emergency Address: Provide a physical address for First Responders.
    3. User Hours: Set user hours to 24 hours or Specify hours.
    4. Connecting Message: Set the default message or create a custom message for callers to hear while the call is being connected.

    5. Set Up Call Screening: Turn call screening on or off.
    6. Audio While Connecting: Select the music or ringtone callers will hear while connecting.
    7. Hold Music: Turn hold music on or off and select music.
    8. Messages: Allow or deny users to take voicemail messages; specify a default or custom voicemail greeting.
    9. Incoming Call Information: Specify display and announcements for incoming calls.
    10. Outbound Caller ID: Choose phone number to display as outbound caller ID for outgoing calls.
    11. Notifications: Choose how to be notified about voicemail messages missed calls, fax transmission results and received text messages.
    12. Bandwidth Settings: Select High or Low bandwidth settings.
    13. Receive Communications from RingCentral: Select if users receive voicemail messages from RingCentral on product education.

    14. Roles: Select the role to be applied to the users.
    15. User Groups: Specify the user groups where the user is to have membership.
    16. Desktop Apps & Smartphones: Specify notifications when forwarding incoming calls.
    17. Regional Settings: Specify regional settings for users such as timezone and time format.
    18. Outbound Fax: Specify settings for sending outbound faxes, including cover page information, and settings for faxes sent by email.