Configure RingCentral Archiver

RingCentral Office®

Admin Guide


  1. From the Admin Portal, select the Tools tab.
  2. Click Archiver and log in to the tool with your RingCentral or Salesforce credentials.
  3. The Accounts tab displays the connection status of your accounts. Click Connect and enter the credentials to connect RingCentral to your Dropbox or SFTP account.
  4. Click Sync Options.
  5. When connected to the Dropbox account, you can enable or disable data backup from RingCentral to Dropbox or SFTP by selecting Enable Backup. RingCentral Archiver will run the job on an hourly basis and archive to Dropbox or SFTP all of the extensions’ call recordings generated within the hour before last Archiver job run.
  6. Select the types of Data to backup. By default, Call Recordings are backed up for admins and users. Users can select for their own extensions whether to backup Call Recordings, Voice Mails, SMS and/or Fax.


For more information on using the RingCentral Archiver tool, see the RingCentral for Dropbox User Guide.