Active Directory

RingCentral Office®

Admin Guide

Before you begin

RingCentral integrates with Microsoft Active Directory to let you automatically provision users from Active Directory to RingCentral.

The service leverages Okta so you can perform an initial import from Active Directory to RingCentral, and to synchronize Active Directory and RingCentral on user status. Users are automatically enabled or disabled in RingCentral as they join or move around your organization.

For more details on integrating RingCentral with Active Directory, click here for the Active Directory Implementation Guide.

To set up the RingCentral integration service:


  1. From the Admin Portal, click the Tools tab.
  2. Click Directory Integration.
  3. Select Active Directory.
  4. Click Enable Active Directory.
  5. If you are not already an Okta member, sign up for Okta by selecting Become an Okta member.
  6. Configure in Okta the settings for integration with Active Directory, and save the settings in Okta. The provisioning process starts.
  7. Review the provisioning results. You will receive an email containing the provisioning results, including a summary and report.


If required, edit the extensions of provisioned users in User Management in the Admin Portal.