Company Call Handling

RingCentral Office®

Admin Guide

Before you begin

The Auto-Receptionist greets callers with a recorded message when they call your company. Your Auto-Receptionist is initially set to play a default greeting with your company name using text-to-speech technology. You can set a custom greeting by recording through your phone or computer or by uploading a sound file. You can also connect the Auto-Receptionist calls directly to an extension of your choice.


  1. From the Admin Portal, select the Phone System tab.
  2. Click Auto-Receptionist.
  3. Click IVR Menus and select one of them. The IVR Details pop-up appears.
  4. Click Call Handling.
  5. Click Add Key. The Key Press Assignment pop-up appears.
  6. Set the Key Press.
  7. Select a Connect to action.
    • Transfer to voicemail of
    • Connect to dial-by-name directory
    • External transfer
  8. Then select to whom the setting will apply.
    • All
    • IVR Menus
    • Users
    • Groups
    • Others
  9. Select Users.
  10. Click Save.

    Set Call Handling:


You can also use the Visual IVR Editor to configure call handling settings. Learn more about the Visual IVR Editor.