Configure a Shared Lines Group

RingCentral Office®

Admin Guide

Before you begin

Configure the Shared Lines group’s name, password, business hours, and regional settings. You can also apply a template to the group. Edit your extension number, name, or delete your menu.


  1. From the Admin Portal, select the Phone System tab.
  2. Click Groups.
  3. Click the Shared Lines tab.
  4. Select a Shared Line from the list. See Add a Shared Lines Group for instructions on how to create a Shared Line.
  5. Edit the Group Details information:
    1. Extension Number
    2. Group Name
    3. Record Group Name Select Record Group Name and choose from the text-to-speech name or you can record your group name.
    4. RingCentral text-to-speech name: Select the button next to Default to use the provided text-to-speech name.
      • Record Group Name.

        You can either Record Over the Phone, Record Using a Computer Microphone, or Import a (.WAV) file. Next to Call me at, choose a phone number from the drop-down menu if you have saved numbers or enter a phone number in the text field. Click the Call Now button and RingCentral will call you to record your message.

      • Import

        Browse for a WAV or MP3 file. Click Attach.

    5. Manager Email
    6. Business Hours
    7. Regional Settings
    8. Resend Welcome Email
    9. Status (read only, shows information about the extension)
  6. Click Save.