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The Auto-Receptionist greets callers when they call a Group in your company. Your phone system is initially set (On) to play a default greeting in which the Auto-Receptionist automatically reads the name of the Group (using text-to-speech technology) connecting the caller with a Group member. When Off, callers will connect directly to the Group member according to Company call-handling rules.

To access Call Queue Greeting

Tap your photo > Phone System > Groups.
  1. Select a Call Queue group; then tap Greeting.

To turn Call Queue Greeting to On:

Tap Set Greeting.
  1. Tap Play to listen to the Default greeting.

You can use this Default greeting (select Cancel to back out); or create a Custom greeting.


If you choose unconditional forwarding for after-hours calls, or send after-hours Group callers directly to voicemail, your after-hours Group greeting will not be played even if it is set to ON.

  • If you have specified Group Hours, then you will be able to set Greeting for business hours and separately for after hour. If you have not specified Group Hours but have set this Group’s to “24 hours”, then there will be only one Greeting, which will play at all times.


From this screen you can also tap Blocked Calls.

  • You can block All calls, calls from specific numbers, calls and/or faxes from callers with no Caller ID, calls from Pay Phones.

In each case you can choose what message the blocked callers will hear. When done, tap Save. Tap Cancel to exit from Greetings.


To Record a Custom Greeting

Tap Set Greeting; then tap Custom and then Record.
  1. Provide a phone number for the system to call, or have it call your forwarding number (select one under the Forwarding number menu).
  2. Tap Call Now.

RingCentral will call you and prompt you to record your greeting.

On the User Greeting screen, a message will confirm that your custom message has been successfully received.

  1. To listen to your custom greeting later, access your account on the Web.
  2. Tap Cancel to return to the previous screen.