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The next two steps include reviewing your User Info and specifying Call Handling for incoming calls to your new number.

Review Your User Profile
  1. Click STEP 1.
  2. Review your user profile.

Your User Info appears in a separate window.

  1. Verify that your information is correct.
  2. If not, update your name or corporate email address.

  3. The name shown in your User Info will appear in your corporate directory for others in your company to contact you
  4. Select Use email to log in to enable login to your account using a unique corporate email address.
  5. Email functions only if your email address is unique in all RingCentral accounts.
  6. Click Continue.

Now check or reset your Regional Settings.

  1. Verify Regional Settings specified for your account. These are: Country, Time Format, and Time Zone.
  2. Click Continue.

Now check or reset your Emergency Calling - Registered Location.

The Emergency Calling - Registered Location is the physical location of your phone that is using the RingCentral Digital Line. Emergency dispatchers (Emergency Call Service) will send first responders to this exact location.

  • You must provide a proper address or you will not be able to place calls using this number. Verify that your administrator updates this address every time you move your phone to a different physical location. If your administrator does not update this, emergency calls may not be routed to the appropriate responder for your current location


  1. Set the Emergency Calling - Registered Location for your account.
  2. Enter your name
  3. Enter your country
  4. Enter your address
  5. Enter your state
  6. Enter your postal zip code
  7. Read the agreement describing Emergency Calling - Registered Location .
  8. Click Agree and Continue.

Call Handling

As a user, you can set up call forwarding rules for your extension. You can add up to 10 forwarding numbers for each extension assigned to you and set calls to ring sequentially or simultaneously.

In this step you’ll enable call forwarding to another number. First, note the phone extensions to which you might want to forward your calls.

  1. You can either skip this step or set your phone to route your calls to another phone. To omit this step, click Skip. Then go to Voicemail Setup.
  2. To add a device for call forwarding, click Add Phones.
  3. To add desk phones to which you can forward calls, click Add Devices.

Select additional devices (if any) you would like to ring when you receive an incoming call to your business number.

  1. Select the type of phone to which the forwarded call will be sent.
  2. Enter the number of the selected phone. Continue adding phones, as needed.
  3. Click Next.

The setup instructions continue on the following page.

  1. Select whether the forwarded phones ring Simultaneously or Sequentially.
  • Select Simultaneously if you prefer the call to ring on all forwarded phones at the same time. Because of different networks, ringing to some devices, such as mobile devices may be delayed.
  • Select Sequentially if you prefer the call to ring on forwarded phones in a sequential order. Arrange the forwarding order by dragging up or down.
  • Click Save.
Voicemail Setup

Now, set up the message your callers will hear when RingCentral forwards your calls to Voicemail.

You can choose the default voicemail greeting “Keep Defaults” or you can select “Customize” to record or import your greeting. See the default greeting text shown below the playback button.

Changing the Voicemail Greeting

The next two pages explain how to keep the default voicemail greeting, or create a custom greeting by recording over the phone or importing a file.

To keep the default greeting, follow these steps:

  1. Click Keep Default.

To keep the default, follow these steps:

  1. Click Save and skip to “Click Finish Setup” You’re almost done! The next steps are on the following pages. .

To RECORD OVER THE PHONE or Import a Custom Greeting

  1. To record or import a new greeting, click Custom.
  2. You can record your greeting over the phone, or you can import a custom greeting.

  3. To record your message over the phone, click RECORD OVER THE PHONE, enter a number in Call me at field and click Call.
  • To import a previously recorded message, click IMPORT and follow the instructions. (Use an .mp3 or .wav formatted file.)
  • Click Save.

You’re almost done! The next steps are on the following pages.

  1. Click Finish Setup.
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Collaborate with co-workers and manage your phone system from any device. Apps are available for download that expand your ability to collaborate with others using the RingCentral applications.

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