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Back at the Messages & Notifications screen, tap Notifications. Here the Admin or the User can be notified, by email or text message (SMS), of various events such as received voicemail, received faxes, missed calls, and fax transmission result messages.

At the bottom of this screen is a toggle to switch between the Basic and Advanced screens.


On the Basic screen, you have the choice of sending notification by email and/or by SMS. Tap a choice to turn it On or Off. Scroll to the bottom to enter the Email address to receive notifications. This could be the user, or the Admin, or a receptionist, for example.

Also at the bottom of the screen, tap Add Phone Number and enter a phone number to receive the text messages; the phone number can be that of the user, or the Admin, or someone else; it need not be a RingCentral number.

Select the Carrier for that phone number, to ensure that the text message is correctly sent through that carrier’s texting system. You can enter more than one phone number to receive SMS notifications.

Tap Save.

The email and phone number selected are now displayed at the bottom of the Notifications page.

Tap Switch to Advanced at the bottom of the Notifications screen for an alternative set of options for notifications.

For each Notification feature you turn On you can tap Options and then select an email address and phone number. For email notifications, you can also include any attachments, and also mark the email message in your inbox as Received.