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If this is a new account, then after installing the RingCentral mobile app on your smartphone and activating it, when you first log into the app you’ll be invited to follow the Express Setup, which will guide you through the process of setting up your account, adding users, creating groups, configuring your Auto-Receptionist, and more.

It will be helpful to have on hand a list of your users, their contact numbers, and their email addresses.

If you skip the Express Setup, you will be offered the opportunity again the next time you log in. It is highly recommended that you take advantage of Express Setup to be able to get the most from your RingCentral mobile app


Setting up Users

Your first task will be to set up your users. Start by verifying your own information under your photo > Extension Settings > User Info. On the Super Admin screen verify the User Info for yourself. Enter any changes needed and then click Save.

Tap your photo > Phone System > Users to add your first user. Tap the plus sign to open the Add User screen. Fill in the fields for that user: first and last name, and email address. Click Save.

Back at the Users screen tap the plus sign again to reopen the Add User screen. Continue until you have set up all of your users. Let each user know that they will receive an automatic RingCentral email message like the one below, with their account number (business main phone number), their extension number, and a link--they should click on the link in that email to set their account password and security question. It will also prompt them to download the mobile app to their smartphones so they can start managing their own extensions.

  • The number of users you can have on your account depends on your plan. If you need to add more users than your current plan allows, you can change your plan and add more users at any time. Log in to using your RingCentral phone number and password. Select Billing, then click Change Plan and follow the on screen instructions to add more users to your plan.