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Now tap After Hours tab at the top of the Call Handling screen. Choose from the following settings for how to handle calls during your defined after-hours times, when no one is available to take calls:

  • Play a greeting and disconnect
  • Send callers to call queue voicemail
  • Unconditional forwarding
  • Connect to extension

If you select Unconditional call forwarding, you will be prompted to enter a phone number. Unconditional call forwarding will forward all calls to the number you specify and override all after- hours settings, such as voicemail and greetings.

  • The after-hours setting becomes available only after you change Group business hours from the default 24 hours setting.







Advanced Call Handling for Groups: Rules

Advanced Call Handling lets you create specific additional rules for that Group extension based on date and/or time of call, or Caller ID, or the number called. These rules override your regular call-handling rules for that extension. These rules can be useful for special situations such as promotions and events: Customers can call a contest number and get a special message or leave a message, for example; and the rule can be modified or turned off when the contest finishes.

To create a Rule for a specific Group, tap your photo > Phone System; tap Group; then tap a specific Group.

Tap Call Handling; then tap the Advanced tab.

Tap Add Rule.


On this Custom Rule screen, give your Rule a Name, then select the conditions: Date and/ or Time the call comes in; the Caller ID of the caller; and/or the Called Number. You can combine these selections.

Tap right facing arrow at the top of the screen.

If you selected Date and/or Time as your Rule condition, now select a Weekly Schedule and specific times for each day. Or select a Specific Date Range. Then tap Back, view your Conditions Summary, and tap Next.

If you selected Caller ID for this rule, you can enter one or more phone numbers, or choose names from your Contact list, or enter area codes or other partial numbers. Tap Next.

If you selected Called Number, choose the number(s) to which the Rule will be applied. The choices will be the Main Number, or the Group Auto-Receptionist.

Tap each day in succession to set the hours to be applied to your new rule.

  • When setting the hours for each day, the selector button will default to OFF. Tap (don’t slide) the selector to move the setting to the ON position. Then adjust the From and To hours for each day as desired. Press the left (back) arrow to advance the calendar to the next day and repeat setting until all days are programmed with the desired hours.





Tap right facing arrow at the top of the screen to see a summary of your Office Hours rule selections. Tap it again to set actions to take when incoming calls match this rule.

  • Transfer caller to call queue members: Then set custom Call Screening, Call Forwarding, or Messages handling for these calls.
  • Play Announcement Only and then end the call.
  • Take Messages Only to send callers to voicemail. You can choose to take messages or not, and can customize the voicemail greeting.
  • Unconditional Forwarding, which immediately forwards the call to a number you then select, bypassing any other call handling, including greetings, call screening, voicemail, and Desktop app.
  • Connect to extension. Connect directly to a specific extension.

You can also set Group Greetings and Call Handling for this Rule, and under Messages choose a voicemail greeting and select the extension that will receive messages generated by use of this Rule. As you can see, there are rich programmatic possibilities with this Advance Rule feature.

Tap right facing arrow at the top of the screen to save your selection.

You can go back to edit the Rule, turn the rule on and off, change details and conditions, add more Rules, or delete a Rule.

Group Messages/Voicemail Greetings

This setting is for the Group voicemail greeting, which callers to the group extension hear when they are sent to voicemail.

Tap your photo > Phone System; then tap a Call Queue group name. Scroll down and tap Messages & Notifications.
  1. Tap Queue Hours or After Hours, if offered.
  2. Tap Voicemail Greeting. Read or Play the script for the default greeting, or record a custom greeting.








To Record a Custom Group Voicemail Greeting

Tap Custom and then tap Record.


  1. Provide a phone number for the system to call, or have it call your forwarding number (select one under the Forwarding Number menu).
  2. Tap Call Now.


  1. RingCentral will call you and prompt you to record your greeting.

You can designate a Group member to receive voicemail messages. By default, RingCentral saves voicemail messages to a Group voicemail box.


To designate a specific employee as the message recipient, tap Message Recipient and then tap the name of the employee. When you’re finished, tap Save.

  • If you designate a Group member as the message recipient, Group messages will no longer be saved to the Group voicemail box.


Call Queue Notifications

Back at the Messages & Notifications screen, tap Notifications. Here the Admin or the User can be notified, by email or text message (SMS), of various events such as received voicemail, received faxes, missed calls, and fax transmission result messages.

At the bottom of this screen is a toggle to switch between the Basic and Advanced screens.


On the Basic screen, you have the choice of sending notification by email and/or by SMS. Tap a choice to turn it On or Off. Scroll to the bottom to enter the Email address to receive notifications. This could be the user, or the Admin, or a receptionist, for example.

Also at the bottom of the screen, tap Add Phone Number and enter a phone number to receive the text messages; the phone number can be that of the user, or the Admin, or someone else; it need not be a RingCentral number.

Select the Carrier for that phone number, to ensure that the text message is correctly sent through that carrier’s texting system. You can enter more than one phone number to receive SMS notifications.

Tap Save.

The email and phone number selected are now displayed at the bottom of the Notifications page.

Tap Switch to Advanced at the bottom of the Notifications screen for an alternative set of options for notifications.

For each Notification feature you turn On you can tap Options and then select an email address and phone number. For email notifications, you can also include any attachments, and also mark the email message in your inbox as Received.