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At the top of the User Info screen, tap Phones & Numbers.

Here you will see the direct-dial numbers, if any, assigned to you.

  • Conference Number: On this screen you will also see your company Conference Number, Host Code, and Participant Code. You can use this information to start or join a conference; or you can simply tap More and tap Conferencing to set up and manage your Conferences.
  • Direct Numbers allow customers to contact you directly without having to go through the company receptionist or phone tree.

If you have direct numbers, you can tap each number to select the number type--voice and fax, voice only, or fax only--for each.

Tap Add a Direct Number--if you are not an Administrator, you will receive a message to contact your Administrator to request direct numbers.

If you do have Administrator privileges, you can add a Direct Number yourself. To add one or more numbers, tap Add Number and follow the screens to choose a Local, a Toll-Free, or a

Vanity (custom) number. Additional charges for extra numbers will be provided on the Order Confirmation screen.

Add Phone

This is an Administrator function and must be done through the RingCentral online account. Administrators can add, remove, or reassign phones.



See Presence for information about managing Presence settings


Mobile app users can initiate Intercom by dialing *85 and entering the extension number of the user they wish to intercom with. See Touch Tone Commands for Conference Calls.