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The Dial-by-Name Directory allows callers to find user and group extensions by spelling out the name on their phone keypads. Follow these steps.

From the Settings screen tap Phone System, then Auto-Receptionist.
  1. Tap Dial-by-Name Directory.
  2. Tap Dial-by-Name Directory to On.
  3. Select as the Directory Extension a number that is not already in use as an extension. This will become the number callers will tap to get to the dial-by-name directory.
  4. Tap Extensions in Directory.
  5. Deselect any extensions to be excluded from your company’s Dial-by-Name Directory. This list includes both user extensions and group extensions.
  6. Select to search by First Name or by Last Name.
  7. Tap Done.

When Dial-by-Name Directory is ON, callers will hear a recording that, in addition to telling them to dial an extension, also suggests they can dial the Directory Extension number in order to locate a user by name. When callers tap the Directly Extension, they are instructed to use their phone keypad to spell out the first three letters of the first name, or of the last name, of the person or group they wish to call. The system will connect them, or offer additional options if there is more than one choice.