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Group call handling includes deciding the order in which calls are transferring to Group members; the music that is played while connecting the call; and Group member availability and wait times.

To access and edit these settings, tap your photo > Phone System > Groups and select a Group.

Tap Call Handling.

Group Call Handling During Business Hours

To manage the order in which calls are answered by Group members, tap Queue Hours at the top of the Call Handling screen.

  • Tap Rotating to set calls to rotate among available queue members.
  • Tap Simultaneously to set calls to ring all available queue extensions at the same time.
  • Tap In fixed order, then tap Specify fixed order and decide the order by taping the up and down arrows to move queue member names up and down the list.
  • Tap Back.
  • Tap Audio While Connecting to On to select the music that will keep callers entertained while connecting, You can choose from among more than a dozen types of music. Tap the type of music you want, then tap Save.